Studies Show Your Sleeping Position Reveals Interesting Details About Your Personality Type

Sleep specialist Chris Idzikowski, PhD and director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in London, has done quite a bit of research on six distinct and common sleep positions and what those positions say about the sleeper’s personality. While Idzikowski did his initial research on a pool of participants solely from the UK, he recently gathered data from Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China and Singapore to account for cross-cultural differences. Idzikowski found some common personality traits amongst those who slept in the same positions, which you can find listed out below. 
Scroll through the six positions below and find out which one matches your sleep style best!
1. Fetal Position

sleeping position

Of the 1,000 people who participated in Idzikowski’s study, 41% of them sleep in the fetal position, with twice as many women favoring this position as men.

If you’re a fetal position sleeper, this indicates that you present a tough exterior but have a sensitive heart underneath it all. In first impressions, you tend to be shy, but you will open up once you get to know people.
2. Log Position

sleeping position

The log position is characterized by sleeping on either side of the body with both arms straight along your body. 15% of participants reported sleeping in this position, making it the second most common.

Log sleepers are generally easy-going, laid-back people with social personalities. They love to be a part of the ‘in-crowd.’
3. The Yearner

sleeping position

The yearner position is similar to the log in that you’re still lying on either of your sides, but your arms are directly out in front of you as if reaching toward something you want. 13% of participants reported sleeping in this position.

Those who sleep in this position tend to have an open nature, but also possess a cynical and suspicious side. It takes them quite a while to make decisions as they like to take all factors into account; once they have made up their mind, they will very rarely change it.
4. Soldier

sleeping position

Those who sleep on their backs with hands straight down to the side are sleeping in the soldier position, favored by only 8% of participants.

Soldier sleepers are much more introverted, characterized by a sense of quietness and a reserved nature. They are low-maintenance – they really don’t like to make a fuss. Soldier sleepers set high standards across the board for themselves and others.
The soldier position has drawbacks though, as it increases your chances of snoring and experiencing poor sleep.
5. Freefall

sleeping position

If you sleep on your stomach with your arms up around the pillow and your face turned to either side, then you are considered a freefall sleeper. Only 5% of participants reported sleeping in freefall.
Freefall sleepers are known for being outgoing, sociable, and brash, but often times have a much softer and nervy side hidden underneath. They have difficulty accepting criticism and will avoid extreme situations because of their hidden, inner tenderness.

6. Starfish

sleeping position

Only 5% of participants reported sleeping in the starfish position, characterized by sleeping on your back with your arms above your head and legs spread out.

Starfish sleepers make great friends because of their incredible ability to listen to others. When help is needed, starfish sleepers will almost always lend a hand, but they’re certainly not doing it for attention or praise – starfish sleepers like to avoid being the center of attention.


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