She Finds A Hammer In The Nick Of Time To Break Into A Hot Car, But All You Have To Do Is Look Under Your Hood

Summer is on its way, and so are the dangers that we often forget about during the colder months — like the hazard posed by hot cars. Summertime temperatures inside a locked car can quickly rise to deadly levels.

According to, approximately 38 children die each year from heat-related causes after being trapped in a hot car.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), when temperatures are 80° F – 100° F outside, cars parked in direct sunlight can reach internal temperatures up to 131° F — 172° F.

In warm weather, a vehicle can warm to dangerous, life-threatening levels in only 10 minutes.

The danger of hot cars is one we are becoming more aware of, but the nightmare scenario remains. According to ABC News, that was exactly the situation one mother in Texas faced last summer, when she accidentally locked her three- and five-year-old in her car.

With the temperature near 100 degrees, there was no time to spare. After she appealed to a group of people in the parking lot, they were reduced to banging on the windows, trying to break through. Finally, someone was able to find a sledgehammer, break the window, and help rescue the children.

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Unfortunately, a sledgehammer may not always be easy to find. However, as Speed Society reports, there is a simple hack that will let you break a car window with something you should have on hand. And you don’t even need a lot of strength to do it. So you might want to give this a try.



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