Mother Of Four Craves Sex Six Times A Day, Says Her Sex Addiction Made Her A Bad Mother

A Missouri woman with four children says her nonstop cravings for sex left her kids untended and almost wrecked her life.

25-year-old Monique Price of St. Charles, Missouri claims to have wanted sex so much that she bedded at least 100 men and went at it more than 1,000 times, even though she contracted STDs and was pregnant during many of the encounters.

sex addict mother

Even worse, Price admits to having left her four children in their beds for days at a time so she could pursue what she claims is an addiction. The problem went on unabated for a decade, and Price says that although her current fiancé has helped to curb her addiction, she would still have sex with him six times a day if she could.

Monique has paid a price for her sexual addiction: she’s been diagnosed with a variety of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and admits she was an inattentive caretaker for her children. Ironically, it was yet another one-night stand that seemingly brought her to a new place in life.

When Monique met 31-year-old forklift driver Brandon, she expected it to be just another in an endless line of “ships passing in the night.” But somehow this time, things took a different turn, and Brandon not only proposed to the one-time sex fiend, she accepted, and he has helped her get back in control of her life.

sex addict mother

Price insists that sexual addiction is like any other such disease and now wants to bring awareness and understanding to others. Interestingly, she is a medical assistant, so is likely in a perfect position to do so.

She explained the rush she got from so many sexual interludes this way: “You will do anything to get that hit and you don’t care how you get it or who you hurt along the way. It is just this uncontrollable urge that takes over your whole mind and body.”

“I was definitely a bad mother,” Price admits. “I would put my children to sleep and then leave the house to have sex and wouldn’t come back for days.” It’s unclear how – or if – the kids were able to feed themselves in her absence.

sex addict mother

For someone who works in the medical field, you might have thought Price would have at least used protection, but she says that was not the case.

“Even when I was pregnant with my fourth child, the desire for sex just get stronger because of the hormones and I would have unprotected sex with lots of different guys. I picked up STDs that could have killed my unborn child and still I didn’t stop because my body didn’t want me to,” Monique insists.

“I thought my life was over,” the young mom added.

And indeed, it might have been, literally, given some of her extremely dangerous behavior practices, which included frequent orgies with much older men that began when she was just a young teenager. And she didn’t stop there: Price even moved on to gay and bondage escapades, including making pornos, saying nothing would quench her nonstop sex drive.

sex addict mother

But Monique says it all changed when she met Brandon just a year ago via an online dating site. Somehow, their relationship blossomed. And after eight months, Brandon proposed. By that time, Price was pregnant once more, and their child together was born last summer.

She says that although her cravings remain, she is now content to have sex twice a week with just her husband, as she struggles to turn her previously shattered existence around. She says she now focuses more on the romantic side of things, and the value of having a family, to help her overcome her urges.

And of her husband Brandon, Monique says simply, “He saved my life.”

sex addict mother

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