Here Are The 15 Reasons Why Scorpios Are Easiest And Unbreakable People To Love

If you’re born between October 24 and November 22, your astrology sign is the brave and powerful Scorpio.  Here are just a few of the reasons why being in a relationship with a Scorpio is both amazing and difficult at the same time. They can be hard to love, but if you put in the time to earn their trust and affection, it will be well worth it.

1. They’re Independent

Scorpios are fiercely independent. However, sometimes it’s nice to feel needed in a relationship. Scorpios often have trouble accepting help from others because they take pride in doing things themselves.

scorpios easiest hardest

2. They Speak Their Mind

Openness and honesty are key qualities in a successful relationship. You want your partner to tell you the truth, but sometimes you wish they would keep it to a minimum.

scorpios easiest hardest

3. They’re Funny

Scorpios have a witty and truthful sense of humor and enjoy people that share their same taste in comedy. But when it comes to fart jokes, they won’t be impressed. Immaturity can often irritate Scorpios.

scorpios easiest hardest

4. They’re Passionate

Scorpios feel very deeply and will have your back no matter what. However, if you abuse their trust, you’ll have an enemy for life.

scorpios easiest hardest

5. They Like To Be In Control

When it comes to planning dinner dates and vacations, Scorpios will take the reins. They are extremely motivated and have a “get it done” type of attitude. If you want your thoughts heard, you’d better speak up.

scorpios easiest hardest

6. They’re Not Easily Impressed

Scorpios won’t settle for less than what they know they deserve. A lackluster effort to tame a Scorpio will work to no avail, but if you do manage to capture their heart, you will most likely have a long and prosperous relationship.

scorpios easiest hardest

7. They’re Good At Keeping Secrets

If you confide in a Scorpio, you can take comfort in knowing that they’ll take your secret to the grave. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t have secrets of their own. Trying to get a Scorpio to tell you one of their personal secrets will be a wasted effort.

scorpios easiest hardest

8. They’re Seductive

Scorpios tend to be extremely sexy and attractive, and other people take notice. Make sure you’re ready take a stand for your partner if someone tries to make a move on them.

scorpios easiest hardest

9. They’re Observant

Some call it judgmental, but they prefer the term observational. Scorpios decide right away if they will get along with you based on your vibe and the way you interact with others. This tends to make Scorpios very guarded. And even if you make it into their inner circle, Scorpios are always watching.

scorpios easiest hardest

10. They’re Manipulative

Scorpios are very good at getting what they want and have a knack for making people see things their way. They are not ones to cheat or lie, but sometimes their need to get their own way means that others’ feelings take a backseat.

scorpios easiest hardest

11. They’re Determined

Hard work and motivation are two qualities that Scorpios take pride in. Sometimes, they don’t consider the consequences of their actions, and that can lead to unintentionally hurting others. Just remember, it’s never personal.

scorpios easiest hardest

12. They’re Caring

Scorpios set the bar high when it comes to relationships. They love intensely and deeply. Be ready to try and match that intensity.

scorpios easiest hardest

13. They’re Loyal

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio, they will have your back 100%. Scoprios are extremely supportive, protective, and devoted to making your relationship work. But if you cross them or abuse they’re trust, they’ll make sure that you won’t forget it.

scorpios easiest hardest

14. They’re Brave

When Scorpios want something, they go after it full-throttle. It’s one of many things that makes Scorpios successful. But sometimes, their obsession with winning can lead them to getting in too deep over their heads.

scorpios easiest hardest

15. They’re Serious

Sometimes it’s difficult for Scorpios to let loose and have fun. But when they do, they can be the life of the party.

scorpios easiest hardest


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