Instead Of Tossing Away Her Old Piano, She Ends Up Creating This Stunning Masterpiece

One of the places that can benefit most from upcycling projects is your garden. Are you always looking for those extra things you can do to spice up your yard? Luckily, we’ve found the perfect solution with this series of DIY projects that shows you how to take old pieces of furniture and turn them into elegant garden features.

An Old Piano

reuse old stuff
Instead of figuring out how to get rid of your old piano, you can drag it out to your garden and fill it with flowers. It makes a great centerpiece for your front yard.

You can even turn it into a fountain!
reuse old stuff

A Literal Flower Bed
reuse old stuff
Take an old bed frame into your garden and plant flowers in the middle. The result is absolutely gorgeous.

A Tub Planter
reuse old stuff
What do you do with an old bathtub? Turn it into a planter, of course!

A Garden Sink

reuse old stuff
If you’re taking your tub to the front yard, might as well bring your sink along too.

A Very Pretty Toilet

reuse old stuff
If you’re looking for something a little … different, you can try this flowery toilet project.

A Grill for Plants
reuse old stuff
If you’re tired of burgers and wings, you can transform your outdoor grill into a beautiful planter.

An Old Dining Room Chair
reuse old stuff

A Floral Sofa
reuse old stuff

It may look a bit weird, but an old sofa can do a great job of holding and displaying your plants.


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