12 Clever Ways You Can Upcycle Ordinary Wall Brackets

Brackets serve a very simple purpose: they hold things up. Usually implemented in wall shelves, these little triangular bits of wood and iron can actually be used to do a whole lot more. You can add a charming accent to your hallways, create new and useful storage above your door frames, the possibilities are endless.

If you have some spare brackets lying around, here are someĀ clever ways to add a touch of flair to your home.

1. Room “Street” Signs

ways to repurpose brackets 1Make antique “street signs” to label the rooms in your house. Get a step-by-step tutorial at My Cottage Charm.

2. Yoga Mat Storage

ways to repurpose brackets 2Make a shelf with nifty storage space underneath for your yoga mats.

3. Upside-Down Shelf

ways to repurpose brackets 3Right-side up is boring. Add some vintage flair by putting in an upside-down shelf.

4. Plant Hanger

ways to repurpose brackets 4

With a pre-drilled bracket and some heavy duty twine, you can make a floating indoor plant holder. I Came To Dance can show you how.

5. Door Frame Shelves

ways to repurpose brackets 5Create more space for your belongings by installing a shelf above a door.

6. Closet Dividers

ways to repurpose brackets 6Keep your linen closet organized by using brackets as dividers. Looks great and keeps things nice and tidy.

7. Curtain Hooks

ways to repurpose brackets 7Drape a curtain over a window with the aid of two brackets to add some romance to the bedroom.

8. Bookends

ways to repurpose brackets 8Keep your books in line by making your own bracket bookends.

9. Wall Lamp

ways to repurpose brackets 9How cool is this?! Create a simple and rustic looking wall lamp that doesn’t take up too much space. Find out how to make this with help from That Nordic Feeling.

10. Bike Racks

ways to repurpose brackets 10Maximize floor space by storing your bikes against the wall using these simple IKEA brackets.

11. Paper Dispenser

ways to repurpose brackets 11Straight out of Santa’s workshop, modify two brackets to create a kraft paper dispenser. Yellow Brick Road has a great guide to help you make your own.

12. Standing Desk

ways to repurpose brackets 12With some planks of wood and a few brackets, you can create a lovely desk that perfectly hugs the walls.


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