He Was Surprised When The Store Owner Did This For A Helpless Mother

One day a man stopped into the convenience store to get a newspaper like he normally does. Today he noticed that the owner of the store had tears in his eyes and kept looking out the window. He asked what was going on.

The store owner said, “Do you see that bus bench over there? There’s a woman who comes there every day around this time. She sits there for about and hour, knitting and waiting. Buses come and go, but she never gets on one, and no one ever gets off for her to meet. The other day, I carried her a cup of coffee and sat with her for awhile.

“Her only son lives a long way away. She last saw him two years ago, when he boarded one of the buses right there. He is married now, and she has never met her daughter-in-law or seen their new child”. She told me, “It helps to come here and wait. I pray for them as I knit little things for the baby, and I imagine them in their tiny apartment, saving money to come home. I can’t wait to see them.”

The owner continued, saying, he had looked out just now and there they were, getting off the bus. The look on her face when they fell into her arms and when she saw that grandchild for the first time was the nearest thing to the pure joy he had ever seen.

He said, “I’ll never forget that look as long as I live.”

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