Puppy Completely Loses It When He Meets A Baby Goat For The First Time

There are some things that you just don’t expect to randomly appear in your living room, like a goat, for instance.

That’s exactly what happened to this 4-month-old puppy though, when one day a 4-day-old baby goat showed up in his house.

puppy meets baby goat

At first the pup tried to stay calm and he┬álet the goat sniff him …

puppy meets baby goat

… and nuzzle him …

puppy meets baby goat

… and everything was going great.

He was totally chill.

puppy meets baby goat




The poor baby goat was caught completely off guard, and seemed VERY confused as to why this puppy was so excited.


And that’s how the baby goat and the most excited puppy ever, became the best of friends.

Check out the full video of this puppy meeting a goat for the first time below:


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