This Portable Device Makes Camping More Pleasurable For Just About Anyone

Have you tried the latest trend of glamping – a unique mixture of glamour and camping?  Even if you just want the actual tent and campfire experience, it’s hard to argue against a hot tub, especially after a long day of hiking and foraging for firewood.

The Original Nomad has the perfect invention for your glamping trip: an outdoor, on-the-go hot tub.

portable camping device 1

A water heater keeps the tub warm by using either firewood or propane.

portable camping device 2

It takes a few hours, but the tub warms up to 105°. It’s definitely worth the wait.

portable camping device 3

How nice would it be to soak in a hot tub with a view like this?


portable camping device 4

portable camping device 5

It’s also a great way to warm up after swimming in cold water or spending a chilly night in the woods.

portable camping device 6

portable camping device 7


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