Innovative Way To Build Your Own Air Conditioner Using Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are usually destined for the recycle bin. But there are some very interesting upcycling things you can do with plastic bottles. Such as creating a zero electricity air conditioning unit!

air conditioner made in plastic bottles 1

Bangledeshi inventor Ashis Paul came up with the plastic bottle air conditioner, and it is already being used in over 25,000 homes in his country! Ad agency Grey Dhaka and Grameen Intel Social Business have contributed to these incredible efforts.

Really all you need to make your own Eco-Cooler is a board and a few plastic bottles.

air conditioner made in plastic bottles 2

First you cut the bottles in half. Then mount them into a grid through holes which are also bottleneck size. Now place the grid right over the window. The narrower top end should be facing inwards to the house.

air conditioner made in plastic bottles 3

Wind will blow through the bottles, and the result is cool air being funneled in.

It can reduce temps to up to 41ºF (or 5°C). Not bad at all considering it doesn’t cost anything to actually make!

air conditioner made in plastic bottles 4

The hope is that this project reaches as many people as possible. Hence the project will be put online for free.



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