The Reason Why This Photographer Removes The Phones From His Shots Is Shocking

Love ’em or hate ’em, smartphones and tablets are here to stay. The proliferation of handheld devices is a global phenomenon. Although top-end models can be pretty costly, the entry price to get yourself a tablet or phone is actually pretty accessible. Add to that the convenience that these devices offer and it’s not hard to see their appeal.
That being said, there are several downsides to our love of handheld devices too. We’re tuned out of what’s going on around us and the constant access to entertainment has made many of jaded and easily bored. Perhaps the biggest pet peeve people have though is the fact that our phones have made us less connected and attentive to the people around us.
The fact that this sight is so common is the theme of photographer Eric Pickersgill’s work. He took pictures of people in everyday situations, but removed the phones from their hands to create a series of images titled “Removed,” with the goal being to cause the viewer to really start questioning our tech addiction.

photographer removes phones from photos 1


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