He Explains Why Most People Stop Living After The Age Of 25. His Thoughts Are Very Inspirational.

Richard Williams was born in September of 1988 in St. Louis. Growing up in the “Gateway City,” Williams had an early interest in music and education. Eventually becoming a hip-hop artist and spoken-word poet, he took on the stage name Prince EA, which means “prince of the earth.”

Although he has won several national rap competitions, Prince EA’s music is more locally known than nationally. Frustrated with the current hip-hop/rap culture, he started the “Make SMART Cool” movement, launching it in late 2009. SMART is an acronym for “Sophisticating Millions And Revolutionizing Thought.”

The goals of this movement are to send a message to stop discrimination and prejudice, create a community of freethinkers and promote education, intelligence and creativity. He continues to inspire others with his clothing line, music, and videos.



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