Baby Badger Who Lost His Mother Finds A Whole New Family To Love

These three baby badgers have much in common, other than being abandoned by their mothers when they were far too young to survive on their own.

First came Opal, a castaway found in the English town of Yeovil. Then came Jet, discovered on a farm near Bristol. And finally Topaz, who had been left to the elements in Dorset.

orphaned baby badgers

When they arrived at Secret World Wildlife Rescue in Somerset, they immediately bonded like littermates.

The sanctuary has been caring for this brace of badgers since they were just week-old cubs, according to a video posted on YouTube . They’re among around 5,000 animals who find their way here every year to be rehabilitated and returned to the wild.

orphaned baby badgers

“They’re quite eager to feed most times we get them out,” Jessica Crabtree of Secret World Wildlife Rescue says in the video. “They’re going through a lot of milk.”

At first, Opal, Jet, and Topaz were given milk through a syringe.

orphaned baby badgers

Then they moved on to a bottle.

orphaned baby badgers

They will be introduced to solid food when they reach around 10 weeks old. And in six or seven months, once they’re strong enough to fend for themselves, they will return to the wild.

orphaned baby badgers

“We have special release sites they can go to where we know they’ll be as safe as possible,” Crabtree says.

Until then, they will continue to revel in one other’s company — and all the human kindness.

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