How To Tell If You Are An “Old Soul”

The mere fact that you are reading this, could already indicate that you are an “Old Soul.” Or you could simply be wise beyond your years. Most people who consider themselves old souls, also believe they were meant to live in a different era. Being an old soul  is certainly not a bad thing, in fact, I’m flattered when someone tells me that.

Signs that you may be an old soul include:

1. You’re  Introverted
Old Soul proof1

You like to keep to yourself.

2. You Have A Taste For The Classics
Old Soul proof2

Be it music, literature, movies, or even manners, you appreciate everything classic.

3. You See The Big Picture
Old Soul proof

The everyday things that plague others, don’t bother you since you think to the future, rather than in the moment.

4. You Believe In True Love
Old Soul proof4

During a time where relationships don’t always last, you still have faith that two people can stay together and still be madly in love.

5. You Were A Bit Different Than Other Kids
Old Soul proof5

You might have shied away from the crowd, not joined cliques or simply enjoyed being alone as a child.  Maybe you felt like an outcast, but you always felt that there was something different about you. You may be an old soul.

6. You Look To History To Get Things Done
Old Soul proof6

Often others search for a new way to tackle a problem, but you are willing to try the old way, because it works.

7. You Think Through The Important Decisions
Old Soul proof7

You make sure you take the proper amount of time to sit on life’s really important decisions. It’s the life-changing choices, like making a big move, that cause you to stop and truly weigh all your options.

8. You Love Stories
Old Soul proof8

Although you may be an introvert, you love to hear stories from people who have lived longer than you.  You realize that the longer they’ve lived, the more stories they have to tell.

9. Knowledge Is So Important To You
Old Soul proof9

Learning new things is very exciting for you.  Doesn’t matter if it’s through literature, music, art, math, science, current events, or anything else, you always have an open mind.

10. You Know How To Remain Calm
Old Soul proof10

Being stressed out and nervous all the time makes no sense to you.

11. You Are Very Giving
Old Soul proof11

You know that life is about giving and paying it forward.  When you share your time, money, or worldly possessions with others, it brings you great joy.

12. You Can Be The Model Of Sophistication
Old Soul proof12

You wouldn’t think of wearing sweatpants to work because you understand the importance of carrying yourself with pride.

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