12 Chic Ways To Repurpose Your Old Dresser

If you’ve ever furnished a home, you already know – furniture is expensive. I’ll never forget the first time I walked into Ikea as a teenager and thought, “That’s the kind of couch I want in my home one day.” The price tag? Just over $2,000. It was a rude awakening as to just how costly adult life would actually be – and explained why my mom always said to keep my shoes off the couch!

However, for those of us who can’t afford to shop for brand-new furnishings, the Internet, and especially Pinterest, is rife with examples of ways homeowners can upgrade and repurpose old, dingy furniture. Whether you are looking to turn your old baby crib into a bench or a window into a coffee table, chances are you can find someone who already did it and shared the directions online. It really is incredible to see what people can make out of a trip to a yard sale, some Google searches and a can of paint.

For instance, these dressers. They were once broken down and missing drawers, just a step away from being tossed in a landfill to rot. Luckily, they found themselves in the hands of some very clever DIY experts. I, for one, can’t wait to copy their brilliant ideas!

1. Dresser missing drawers? Turn it into a bookshelf, or pick up some pull-out baskets to fill the space.
upcycle for old dresser 1
Directions here.

2. This repurposed dresser is perfect for displaying knick-knacks. No one will be able to tell that it used to live in the bedroom.
upcycle for old dresser 2
Directions here.

3. A bathroom vanity is an unexpected, but chic use for an old dresser. It adds a touch of vintage in what is often a very modern space.
upcycle for old dresser 3
Directions here.

4. Turning an old dresser into a bench takes some tools and elbow grease, but the finished product is so worth it. Bonus points for that beautiful stain job!
upcycle for old dresser 4
Directions here.

5. Kitchen islands can be expensive, and if your space is small, simply aren’t realistic. An upcycled dresser is the perfect solution, whether you keep it in the middle of the floor permanently or tuck it against a wall when it’s not in use.
upcycle for old dresser 5
Directions here.

6. By removing half the drawers on this dresser, they created a desk that looks classy and comfortable.
upcycle for old dresser 6
Directions here.

7. A potting station is an adorable and handy use of an old dresser, and looks great outside or in a garage. If you plan to keep it outdoors permanently, however, you may want to use outdoor paint.
upcycle for old dresser 7
Directions here.

8. Expecting a baby? Have your dresser work double duty by serving as the changing table.
upcycle for old dresser 8
Directions here.

9. Or, remove all drawers for easy access to children’s clothes, diapers and blankets.
upcycle for old dresser 9
Directions here.

10. This would look great next to the potting station – just imagine having a whole drawer full of your favourite herb or vegetable!
upcycle for old dresser 10
Directions here.

11. Using your dresser as a TV stand is an easy and stylish upcycle.
upcycle for old dresser 11
Directions here.

12. Last, but not least – make a private bathroom for your cat! It’s not only cute, but a great way to keep litter away from small children or other animals.
upcycle for old dresser 12
Directions here.

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