She Transforms Her Old Bed Into An Elegant Bench

Older furniture pieces have seen better days, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have a bright future. Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint is all that’s needed. For the handier people, some creativity and modifications can bring new life and meaning to a piece of furniture. Lindsay, from the blog My Creative Days, chose to completely revamp an old headboard and footboard from a bed into a stunning bench.

There is just something so rewarding about taking a piece of old, unwanted furniture and transforming it into something breathtaking and fully functional. “Looking beyond the original intention of a piece and seeing the potential in what it can be is rewarding and makes this budget-minded girl happy,” Lindsay wrote in her post. “Look around your home and reinvent what you already have. You would be amazed at what you can come up with,” she added.

Her mother had come across the headboard and footboard at a thrift store, and she was able to score this little gem at half price. Both she and Lindsay liked the details on the boards. “The bed did have amazing detail, but it kind of gets lost with the dated finish on it,” she wrote. With the help of her husband, they were able to breathe new life into this wonderful piece of furniture.
old bed frame into bench 1

To start, Lindsay’s husband cut off the top piece of the footboard. He also removed some of the trim pieces that would later be re-added onto the bench.
old bed frame into bench 2

Then, using some pieces of wood that they had in their garage, they attached the footboard to the headboard like so:
old bed frame into bench 3

They ended up adding a few more pieces of wood to the sides of the bench for extra support. They used the measurements on an existing bench that they had in their house to ensure that their new bench will have the proper height, width, and depth.
old bed frame into bench 4

Time to add in the seat. They used the same wood that they had in their garage to make this part. Then, back went the trim pieces that were removed earlier.
old bed frame into bench 5

Here’s what one of the trim pieces looks like up close. It covers the side of the bench perfectly, and it adds just a bit of a barrier from the ledge.
old bed frame into bench 6

Using one of her favorite tools – the HomeRight paint sprayer – they painted the bench from top to bottom.
old bed frame into bench 7

After coating it with this beautiful white paint, she distressed the bench with some sandpaper.
old bed frame into bench 8

Simply stunning!
old bed frame into bench 9

Now, just add some pretty throw pillows on the seat, and you have a gorgeous bench for your home!
old bed frame into bench 10

There are so many incredible things that can come from repurposing old furniture. Just look at this other gorgeous bench that was done by My Repurposed Life.
old bed frame into bench 11

Here is another breathtaking bench by Create Inspire.
old bed frame into bench 12

Yet another stunning piece by My Repurposed Life. It hardly seems believable that something so simple can be so rewarding. For more information on Lindsay’s DIY project, be sure to check out her post here.
old bed frame into bench 13

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