Police Officer Saves A Trapped Dog In A Drain And Becomes His New Owner Too

As police officers were leaving a call at a Florida home this week, they heard something that stopped them in their tracks.  A faint whimpering.

As the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office recounted on its Facebook page, deputies followed that cry to a septic drain in an empty lot.

At the bottom of that drain was a sopping wet puppy, unable to climb back out.

officer saves puppy from drain

It didn’t take them long to haul the tired, terrified dog from the drain.

officer saves puppy from drain

After giving him a bath and trying to find his owner without luck, Officer James Gettings decided their meeting was more than a coincidence.

Fate had brought them together. And together they would stay.

officer saves puppy from drain

Gettings named the puppy Puddle, naturally. And, in no time at all, the dog who came from the bottom of a drain found himself at the top of the household hierarchy.

Today, he rules the bed…

officer saves puppy from drain

… lords over the shoes.

officer saves puppy from drain



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