This Police Officer, Who Had To Tell An 18-Year-Old That His Parents Had Died, Makes An Amazing Gesture At His Graduation Ceremony

After the parents of high school student Kazzie Portie were killed when their motorcycle was hit by a drunk driver, Officer Eric Ellison was among the first responders on the scene.

Ellison was there again (when it was time to notify their son Kazzie) to deliver the unfortunate news.

Ellison said that when he was sitting and talking with Kazzie, the 18-year-old said he was just about to graduate from high school in less than a week, and he wasn’t sure what he was going to do.

Ellison said: “You are going to walk!”

“Your mom and dad will have front row seats looking down from heaven, and I’ll stand in their place. I’ve got your back,” he told WISHTV.

So when that day came for Kazzie to graduate, Ellison showed up again. In fact, he was waiting for him the second he walked off the stage.


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