28 Absolutely Hysterical News Bloopers

Not everyone enjoys watching the news. After all, our world seems to be more full of atrocities and depressing situations than ever before. So it’s not very uplifting. But every so often, something funny or unexpected happens. And we happen to have some samples of that below. These will definitely make you wonder where we would be without the news…


funny news


2.funny news


3.funny news


4.funny news


5.funny news


6.funny news


7.funny news


8.funny news


9.funny news


10.funny news


11.funny news


12.funny news


13.funny news


14.funny news


15.funny news


16.funny news


17.funny news




funny news


19.funny news


20.funny news


21.funny news


22.funny news


23.funny news


24.funny news


25.funny news


26.funny news


27.funny news


28.funny news

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