12 Different Nail Shapes Every Girl Should Know

nail shapes 0.1

Just when you thought you had a solid grasp on the nail industry, you will find you were wrong! But don’t worry, you are not alone – I had no idea there were so many different nail shape possibilities! When it comes to anything nail-related, I’m about vanilla as it comes. Most of the time, I choose a natural, bare nail look, and if I manage to find time to slap on a coat of polish, it’s one simple, traditional color. I certainly learned a thing or two from this article, and I hope you will too!

1. Round

nail shapes 1

2. Square

nail shapes 2

3. Stiletto

nail shapes 3

4. Almond

nail shapes 4

5. Squared Oval

nail shapes 5

6. Ballerina

nail shapes 6

7. Mountain Peak

nail shapes 7

8. Flare

nail shapes 8

9. Lipstick

nail shapes 9

10. Oval

nail shapes 10

11. Arrowhead

nail shapes 11

12. Edge

nail shapes 12

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