Michael Bublé’s 3-Year-Old Son Diagnosed With Cancer

He’s always seemed so blessed. Handsome, with a beautiful wife and two young sons, and a career that was the dream of anyone in show business. But even people who seem to live a charmed life have to face tragedy, and now the Buble family is facing one of the worst things any young family can face, because one of their sons has been diagnosed with cancer.

michael bubles son has cancer

Although there’s been speculation that the boy has leukemia, his aunt says it isn’t true.

Noah, Buble’s son, has not surprisingly torn up his family’s hearts since the diagnosis. What they had at first thought was mumps, was tragically diagnosed as cancer.

On Michael’s Facebook page, they posted their thoughts:

“We are devastated by the recent diagnosis of cancer of our eldest son Noah who is currently receiving treatment in the United States. We’ve always talked about the importance of family and the love we have for our children.”

Buble, clearly a dedicated father, has decided to put his family first. He has cancelled all his performance dates, at the height of his career, so that he and his wife can focus on getting Noah well. As anyone who’s ever been through any kind of cancer knows, the treatments themselves are brutal.

For children, it’s even tougher.

We wish all good things for the Buble family, as they face this difficult path. Knowing they are all in it together will make the journey a tiny bit less difficult.


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