After Seeing A Woman Crying At McDonald’s, He Approaches Cashier With An Unusual Order…

It was just another day for employees and patrons at one Texas fast food chain. Customers were placing their orders, while the french fries and hamburgers were cooking,  In the midst of this, one man took it upon himself to shake things up. A mystery man walked into a McDonald’s in Fort Worth, Texas and set out to change the course of everyone’s day.


The man noticed a woman crying at a table, and approached her. After speaking with her he found out that she was going through tough times. After that he went to the counter. He had no intention of ordering anything off the familiar menu, but instead revealed to the McDonald’s employee his plan.


He not only shocked fellow McDonald’s patrons, but left McDonald’s employees completely speechless. Watch how this mystery man’s actions made a difference for so many people. You’ll be in tears!



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