20 Incredible Ways To Use Old Mason Jars To Improve Your Home

Mason jars are the big trend right now, for their unassuming, hip yet rustic charm. There are countless ways you can incorporate them into your home.  Here are a few easy ideas to get you started:

1. Attach them to boards and use them for wall flower vases.

mason jar uses 1

2. Punch a hole in the center of the lid and feed a pump through it for a soap or a dishwashing liquid dispenser.

mason jar uses 2

3. Chalkboard paint them and you have monogrammed party cups.

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4. Attach several to a board to use for bathroom storage.  Your counters will be clean and it looks so much better than the packages they came in.

mason jar uses 4

5. For metallic flower vases, spray paint them silver or gold .

mason jar uses 5

6. Paint the inside of the jars to give them the look of sea glass.

mason jar uses 6

7. Change out a boring light fixture. This is an especially useful trick for ugly fixtures in rental units.

mason jar uses 7

8. Store your dry goods by mounting the jars to the underside of a cabinet. To take them down, just unscrew. (Bonus, you’ll remember the next time you need to pick up rice or coffee beans from the store.)

mason jar uses 8

9. Remember how you mounted Mason jars in the bathroom? Works for the kitchen too.

mason jar uses 9

10. Want romantic patio lighting?  Just use wire and a tea light.

mason jar uses 10

11. Or go all out and build a Mason jar chandelier.

mason jar uses 11

12. These  are all materials you can buy at the dollar store, a Mason jar makes a precious snow globe.

mason jar uses 12

13.  Add floating candles in them for a candlelit dinner that’s comfortably casual.

mason jar uses 13

14. They’re great for one-jar baking recipes.

mason jar uses 14

15. Mason jars are nifty for bringing salad to work.

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16. They’re great for any leftovers, and they don’t get  discolored like plastic containers.

mason jar uses 16

17. You can DIY your own instant noodles in a jar.

mason jar uses 17

18. Use artificial tea light candles underneath an upside down jar for ambiance and no danger of burning fingers.

mason jar uses 18

19. Upgrade from those ugly black and white salt and pepper shakers. Just attach the spout from a box to the inside of the lid rings.

mason jar uses 19

20. You can easily make your own Mason jar candle, just add seashells, marbles or berries at the bottom for extra homey charm.

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