Mason Jars Coupled With A Piece Of Wood Can Produce Something Incredibly Useful

The Mason jar project below, by Imgur user mounttod, is truly magical — and elegant!

All that’s needed is a thick sheet of birch plywood, glue, nails, a wooden box, cord wiring, a couple nuts and bolts, sockets, bushing, and, of course…

tool bench2

…a few Mason jars.

empty jar

First, use brad nails and wood glue to join all the pieces.


Then drill a few holes into the wood.


Drill some more holes into each jar’s lid. There should be a center hole surrounded by a few smaller holes.


Then thread a nut under each lid’s center hole.


Place a bushing on top.


Then pull some wire through each lid.


Now, here comes the tricky part — creating an underwriter’s electrical knot.


Tie the underwriter’s knot and then connect the lids to wires on sockets.


Pull the wires through the wood box and tie knots for strain relief.


Each bar needs to be wrapped in a ton of electrical tape to ensure they won’t short out.


When done, close the electrical box.

Then bask in the light of your final product…

finail product

…a Mason jar chandelier!

mason jar chandelier

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