Hatching Dinosaur Candle Allows You To Breed Tiny Raptors At Home

Looking for something different to buy as a gift? You can buy an egg candle that has a special surprise inside for any budding paleontologists. Light the wick, and a tiny little raptor will be slowly be revealed as the wax melts. Unfortunately if Jurassic Park taught us anything, it’s hatching dinosaur eggs is can be risky. So proceed with caution.

mark dinosaur egg candle 1

LOOK AT THE LITTLE GUY. Congratulations, you’re officially a dino-parent.

mark dinosaur egg candle 2

Strangely enough, this isn’t the only jurassic bathroom accessory that you can buy. If you wanted, you could pretty much have an entire bathroom full of dinosaurs.

For starters, there’s this T-Rex that will stand guard over your toilet paper. It’s more than enough to keep your cat from trying to unravel it.

mark dinosaur egg candle 3

And there’s this one that will watch you as you shower. Which is kind of terrifying. But not nearly as terrifying as the Darth Vader version.

mark dinosaur egg candle 4

Finally, there’s schematics online to make your own 3D printed toothbrush and soap holders. Has technology gone too far? Probably.

mark dinosaur egg candle 5

mark dinosaur egg candle 6

What a time to be alive. We’re not quite technologically advanced enough to actually bring dinosaurs back, but we can cover our bathrooms in them.

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