Beautiful Reunion Of Man And Gorilla After 5 Years

There are few things more heartwarming – or potentially awkward – than reuniting with a long-lost friend. Neither of you are sure how much the other has changed. You wonder how much the other person remembers. Sometimes, it can feel like having to restart your relationship.

That’s what Damian Aspinall was worried about. The millionaire conservationist had started the Aspinal Foundation to reintroduce captive gorillas back into the wild. In doing so, he’d become particularly attached to a young gorilla named Kwibi, and even treated him as if he was his own son. Five years after separating, Damian had heard that Kwibi had returned to his primal state in the wild, and was now hostile to humans. Damian knew it would be risky, but he felt that he had to see his old friend one last time and learn if their connection remained.

In this video, Damian goes out into the jungle in search of Kwibi. With a team of experts, he devised a plan to distract Kwibi with food in case the encounter turned violent, thereby giving him time to escape and not harm Kwibi. Luckily, after a moment of hesitation, Kwibi seems to remember Damian, and embraces him. They both catch up with one another over a meal of leaves. As Damian says, “It was lovely to see that our bond was so strong.



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