19 Surprising Uses For Magic Erasers That Most People Don’t Even Know

From baking soda to hydrogen peroxide, remedies and cleaning solutions around the house can be used in all kinds of new and surprising ways. There’s one store-bought cleaning product that we’ve been in love with lately, and with a name like “magic,” you know it has to be good.

Magic Erasers are cleaning products made up of melamine foam and are extremely effective when it comes to removing stains and smudges thanks to their fine, porous surface. It’s like a cross between a sponge and sandpaper.

They are tough enough for the hardest jobs yet gentle enough that they won’t scratch anything. Many people don’t realize how many uses there are for this “magic” piece of cleaning equipment.

Check out the images below to learn 19 unexpected ways you can use Magic Erasers around your house.
uses for magic eraser 1

Magic Erasers can be used to tackle a wide range of tasks that you might not expect.
uses for magic eraser 2

1. Revitalize your sneakers. A Magic Eraser with a little bit of water on it goes a long way when it comes to making scuffed up soles look brand new again.
uses for magic eraser 3

2. Speaking of scuffs, buff them out of your floor with a handy Magic Eraser.
uses for magic eraser 4

3. Accidentally swat a bug against your wall? Magic Erasers can get rid of that too.
uses for magic eraser 5

4. Make your door hinges shine again by getting rid of any old, dry paint.
uses for magic eraser 6

5. With as much time as our phones spend against our faces and in our pockets, it only makes sense that they’d get a little dirty. Power down your phone and scrub away!
uses for magic eraser 7

6. They’re the only eraser you’ll ever need when it comes to cleaning old dry erase boards.
uses for magic eraser 8

7. Price stickers leave behind annoying residue. Wipe it away once and for all with a Magic Eraser.
uses for magic eraser 9

8. It’s just like the old saying goes: “Don’t cry over spilled nail polish …” Even if it’s dried, nail polish is no match for a Magic Eraser.
uses for magic eraser 10

9. If your laptop is anything like mine, it’s pretty worn. Grease from our hands and crumbs from our food have a way of making our computers look old and gross. Grab a Magic Eraser and give them a deep clean.
uses for magic eraser 11

10. This seems self-explanatory, but the magic eraser really shines in the bathroom.
uses for magic eraser 12