Lucky Dog Ranch In Helping “Unadoptable” Shelter Dogs 2022

lucky dog ranch

The show’s host, Brandon McMillan, has captured the hearts of animal lovers as he brings “unadoptable” canines from shelters and rehabilitates them at his training facility. But after stepping down in 2021, new hosts took over Lucky Dog Ranch, leaving fans wondering what would happen next with this ranch that many had become fascinated by.

Where is Lucky Dog Ranch located?

lucky dog ranch

Brandon’s history with animals is something that dates back to his childhood. His father and uncle worked in the animal entertainment industry before he became known for training lions, tigers – even insects.

Brandon’s love for dogs was evident when he opened his first pet boarding facility. He started training service canines and therapy pups, but it wasn’t until 2010 that Brandon put all of this knowledge into practice with Lucky Dog Ranch- located outside Los Angeles.

How had Lucky Dog Ranch helped hundreds of dogs over the years?

lucky dog ranch

He told Ellen DeGeneres that he was reading the statistics on how many dogs are put down yearly because they cannot find homes, which hit him hard. He decided to take it upon himself in order not only to save these animals from being killed but also to turn them into movie stars so people would know what great pet possibilities lurk within already-existing breeds.

lucky dog ranch

He’s worked with dogs of celebrities, including those belonging to Andy Cohen, Ellen DeGeneres, and Kate Hudson.

Brandon’s philosophy is that the dogs who come to his ranch need more than just food and water. “These animals are like martial arts fans,” he told Watch! magazine in 2019, referring to how closely they pay attention during training sessions which can last as long as ten hours per day on some days; even sleeping cheek by jowl with their trainer while doing so.”

Brandon McMillan’s Eyebrow Scar

lucky dog ranch

Brandon McMillan is one of the most engaging people on Lucky Dog, but many don’t know he has a scarred right eyebrow. He explained in an “ask me anything” thread how it happened and what led to this injury during 2018’s summertime.

“I remember the first time I worked with an Akita. He had serious aggression issues, so it was clear what kind of animal we were dealing with.” Brandon recounted his experience 15 years ago when he fell while working on the old concrete ground that cracked under him and caused part way through his nose destruction.

“I had a hole through my cheek, and of course, the right eye was gashed, leaving me with that scar you see today. Thankfully I live in Los Angeles – home to some truly excellent plastic surgeons. If you look even more closely on this side (left), where it meets above brow level, another one goes straight down from the upper lip towards the nose. That is quite a result after being attacked by horses when still just 11 years old.”