16 Incredible Lego Hacks That You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do

#1. Form a heart with two Lego pieces, and make friendship pendants out of the pair.


Get it here for $11.50.

#2. Build a candy dispenser out of Legos.

Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Learn how to make it here.

#3. Fill out holes and gaps with Lego pieces.

Rabbit’s Moon Studio

Sounds like a lot of work, but it’s a great idea.

#4. Create a Lego phone dock for your phone.

Bit Rebels

Learn more about it here.

#5. Be super spoiled and lazy with a Lego card holder.

A Mom With a Lesson Plan

Learn more here.

#6. Make a Lego plant pot.


Check out this clever idea on Instagram.

#7. Spruce up your home with a colorful Lego table.

Ikea Hackers

Read more about this great idea here.

#8. Clean up your Lego pieces the fun and easy way.

Gettin’ By

This awesome idea came from here.

#9. Create a lamp made of colorful Lego pieces.

Lego Hack

Here’s how it’s done.

#10. Make cool Lego magnets.

She’s Called Claire

Learn more here.

#11. Get kids to wash their hands the fun way.


Read all about it here.

#12. Stay organized with Lego key hooks.


Learn how to make it here.

#13. It’s time to solve your Lego storage problem.

Kids Activities Blog

This simple but effective hack is from here.

#14. Keep those cables organized with Lego minifigures.

Reading Pack

Here’s how.

#15. Make dinner parties fun with Lego napkin holders.

I Dig Pinterest

Read about it here.

#16. Design your own wrapping paper by using Legos as stamps.

Kiwi Crate

Learn how to do it here.


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