How To Cure Cramps And Restless Leg Syndrome

If you ever get cramps or muscle contractions at night, then you will for sure want to check this out. It’s a remedy but it doesn’t require you to pop pills or have something prescribed by the doctor. It’s actually very bizarre.

Basically it involves placing a bar of soap under the sheets before bed. Pretty ridiculous, right? Well, apparently people are actually finding relief from this method. So what’s the science behind it? No one really knows. Some will spout out about “helpful ions” being released from the soap, but there doesn’t seem to be anything concrete to validate that.

Snopes for sure you would think would debunk this. But apparently they are actually agreeing with the benefits that it can provide. Even if it may be a placebo effect. Here’s what they have to say about the remedy:

“Slipping a bar of soap into the bed as a leg cramp prevention has been advanced by a number of authorities, both medical and otherwise. Ann Landers has mentioned the soap cure in her column on a number of occasions, with each airing prompting a load of letters from readers thanking her for this information because it worked wonders for them. “They were thrilled and grateful to be liberated from those leg cramps,” said Ms. Landers.”

Wow! Well it definitely is worth a try, right? Relief is relief, and if this can help then everyone who suffers from bedtime pains should be implementing this!



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