What She Does With Left Over Wedding Flowers Is Heartwarming

Your wedding day is one of the most magical moments in your life. Everything has to be just right, from the venue to the dress, all the way down to the flowers. The wedding industry is one of the biggest in America, with approximately 2.25 million weddings taking place each year.

Everyone knows a wedding just isn’t complete without flowers, but despite their beauty, these organic decorations are pretty much useless after the party ends. All those meticulously curated roses, violets, and orchids end up in the same forgotten place. Between the flower centerpieces, wall accents, tissues, and napkins, weddings produce between 400-600 pounds of trash. That’s one giant mess!

Former event planner, Jennifer Grove, knows all too well how wasteful weddings can be. “I used to be that person at the end of the night that would see all that garbage,” Grove says. “I would have to tell people, yep, you can throw all those flowers out.” Tired of letting such gorgeous arrangements go to waste, Grove started collecting the leftover flowers late at night after all the wedding guests left. What she does with the flowers the next day will make your heart swell.



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