Here Are Some Clever Tips To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

Use Shelf Baskets

Use shelf baskets to create more space in your cabinets. Click here for more examples.

kitchen organizer13

Invest In A Kitchen Organizer

For $10, you can purchase this kitchen organizer that can be very handy. It helps store Tupperware lids, plates, and much more. Use these in drawers and cabinets.

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Add Extra Containers To The Refrigerator

Juice boxes, yogurts, and fruits can take up a lot of space in the fridge. Instead, install a plastic bin system to help organize these items and make them easy to retrieve when needed.

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File Cutting Boards

Use a filing organizer to hold your cutting boards and thinner pans.

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Wire Shelf Produce Organizer

If you like to keep fresh fruit and produce in the kitchen, then use an old wire shelf to store them.

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Hang Unwieldy Kitchen Tools

Install sticky hooks inside cabinets to create a nice storage location for kitchen tools.

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Metal Rack In Pantry

Install a metal rack with hooks in your pantry to hold things such as mashed potatoes and bread mixes.

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Hang Pans

Using a metal towel rack, you can hang your pots and pans. Click here for more details.

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