Everyone Is Impressed When The Girl In The Middle Starts To Sing “I Believe”

Classical music has a new star, and her name is Jackie Evancho. Seven years ago, the young singer made her debut and she’s definitely putting a new spin on the genre of classical music. She was only 10 years old when she got her first big break. After submitting to talent competition after talent competition, Evancho finally found an audience when she submitted one of her YouTube videos to the 5th season of America’s Got Talent. She went on to finish in 2nd place that season, a dangerous place for any singer who could easily fade back into obscurity after minor success on reality television. Jackie, on the other hand, did quite the opposite. So many people had seen what she was capable of on America’s Got Talent, and she began experiencing a surge of popularity.

This clip from 2011 features Jackie singing a song composed by her Uncle Matthew. If she was this good four years ago, we can hardly imagine how good she’ll be four years from now.

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