Jack Russell Terrier Decides To Take On A Snake…

Dogs have always been incredibly amazing companions to bring along when you want to go out into the wilderness, but for some reason I never would have expected to want to bring a Jack Russell Terrier along instead of something else.

I’m serious here, in the video below you’ll see a brave and playful little terrier have a pretty tense standoff against a snake swimming towards it.

The guy keeps telling the dog to attack it, so I hope the snake isn’t venomous at the very least, but even after the thing swatted at the pup a couple times it never faltered. I wonder if it was playing with the snake or if it was reliving some hunter’s instinct from it’s ancestors… Either way, that dog has more bravery right there than I would, there’s no way I’d get that close to a snake knowingly in the wild! Would you? Would you let your dog?


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