We All Want to Travel. But Seeing This Will Inspire You To Start Packing Today…

Alex Chacon, like most of us, dreamed of traveling the world. So when he graduated college, he sold his car, television, and clothes, and departed his hometown of El Paso, Texas with nothing to come back to. He lived on his motorcycle for 3 years, but these years were spent on the most epic adventures in over 36 countries, covering 125,946 miles. In each destination, he worked on small projects to help the local population.

Alex wanted to show all the different places and people he met, so he attached a GoPro camera to a pole and filmed himself riding camels, snowboarding, bungee jumping, boating, and more, and created an awesome short video. You can read and see more of Alex’s travels on Modern Moto Diaries.


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Source: LifeBuzz

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