Twin Babies Were Born To This Wonderful Mother. But Wait Until You See Them Just Days After Birth…

It wasn’t long ago the world got a whole lot cuter… when a gorgeous Belgian draft horse gave birth to her twin foals, Lisa and Fien. In the amazing video below, watch this proud mama and her babies just four days after they were born. They play happily in their pasture while displaying their wonderful temperament and growing family bond.

These horses truly are gentle giants, and as you’ll see, even children can handle them. Lisa and Fien not only have a doting mom, but also a little girl to shower them with affection! Despite the fact the mare’s head is about the same size as her whole body, this brave little kid has no problem getting up close and personal with Mom and her twins, and the horse family doesn’t seem to mind one bit.

The Belgian horse, or Belgian draft horse, is one of the strongest of the heavy breeds — they’re also staggering in size, gorgeous to look at, and incredibly even-tempered. Big Jake is a famous Belgian draft who was named the World’s Tallest Living Horse in 2010 and appears in the 2011 and 2013 Book of World Records.

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