Make Your Next Home Upgrade Interesting With These 11 Design Ideas

If you’re a homeowner, whether it’s a new property or one you’ve been in for some time, you’ve probably considered the possibility of making a few changes. Remodeling, redesigning, or simply adding an extra feature or two helps make your space feel more like it’s an extension of you. Plus it can also add resale value if you decide to sell at some point. This list features some creative ideas to help you get inspired for your next design project.

1. Turn your dusty old attic into a slumber party/movie night haven with wall-to-wall pillows.
home design ideas 1

2. With a little tweaking, the space under your staircase can become a cozy book nook.
home design ideas 2

3. The staircase is also a great place to make a little nook for your favorite furry friend.
home design ideas 3

4. Why not build a guest house that’s also a tree house?
home design ideas 4
And then if you’re like me, you kick the guests out and live there yourself.

5. Spruce up your garden shack into an artist’s den.
home design ideas 5

6. Install under-cabinet drawers to really maximize on available storage space.
home design ideas 6

7. If you’re really going all-out, why not consider building an awesome secret room that only you know about?
home design ideas 7

home design ideas 8

8. Magnetic panels on your wall make hanging things a breeze. Find out more here.
home design ideas 9

9. Turn the shower into a steam room with the addition of bench seating.
home design ideas 10

10. Got extra-high ceilings? Secure some netting to create an awesome, instant hammock.
home design ideas 11

11. Skip the glass doors and curtains (which you’d have to clean), walk-in showers are where it’s at.
home design ideas 12


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