21 Hilarious Proofreading Fails…..#7 Has Me Curious

It doesn’t fit too bad.881



Not sure I would let my kids play in this league.1788



How can you not feel bad for Clint?2385


I wonder if they do family photos too?3695


I probably wouldn’t drink this. 4238


I’m not sure my Aunt would like this.8533


I don’t know what they are selling, but I’m in.


Will insurance cover this?9743


Or you could use paint.11968


So what exactly do they build here? 13414


Say what you want….I’m going in.13967


Most of them do…14690


Suddenly I am not hungry anymore.17018


Um…no thanks.20839




So what exactly do I have to do again? 20932


This is why I shop at Target.




If I had a nickel….


I wonder how reasonable the prices are.27675


You know, I think I will just have some coffee instead.



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