They Were Hiding In The Closet When Someone Broke Into Their House. But It Doesn’t End There…

A 17 year old boy and his little sister were home alone as their parents had gone for a wedding a few hours away. They had no idea they would have to go through this so late at night.

I was 17, mom and dad left my 12-year-old sister and I alone at home while they went to a wedding.

It’s about 2 AM, and I had just laid down in bed, I hear a loud bang come from downstairs and then footsteps.

Being a paranoid kid being left alone already, I had a portable phone next to my bed and a baseball bat underneath it. I grab the phone and the bat and quietly sneak into my sister’s room. I can hear the footsteps downstairs, and I can see that they’ve turned my kitchen light on.

I call 911 as I wake my sister up and tell her to be quiet. She can tell what’s up and she gets scared and starts crying. I can’t remember exactly, but I swear I actually stuffed a sock in her mouth. She denies that part. I tell her to hide in the closet, which she does.

Anyways, there’s a small balcony that hangs over the garage accessible from her window, so I open the window and prepare to kick the screen out. As I’m doing that, I can hear the footsteps coming up the stairs.

Not wanting to make noise by kicking the screen out, I abandon that plan and go into the closet. I keep the closet door adjacent to the bedroom door open and hide behind it with the bat ready.

The guy comes into the bedroom, he starts to walk in front of the closet, and I swing the bat out the second he comes into my field of view. Caught him right in the temple.

He goes down on the floor. He’s making a weird groaning sound and rolling. Being 17 and full of adrenaline, I hit him in the head again while he tries to come at me with a knife.

My sister and I hide in the closet until the cops show up. I really don’t know how long we were waiting there. I was numb.

Cops ask us questions, I try to tell them everything, but I’m in shock. My sister can barely speak. They found my grandparents number and called them. Grandparents live about an hour away, so the cops wait with us until my grandma shows up. Parents were home about 4 hours later. Obviously, they drove home immediately when the cops called them, but the wedding was far.

About a week goes by, and the cops come to our house and talk to my parents. He was probably just there to kill someone. Had a history of mental illness and he had found the spare key of the front door under the potted plants where my mom kept for emergency situations.

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