Try The Natural Remedy That Many Claim Will Restore 97% Of Your Hearing

Hearing problems are often associated with the natural process of aging, but with the prevalence of hearing problems and hearing loss constantly on the rise, affecting even younger individuals.

Hearing loss can have a tremendous impact on person`s day-to-day activities. These people may put their life at risk due to their inability to hear the horns of cars while driving or walking. What`s more, a hearing-impaired individuals often find themselves in uncomfortable and embarrassing situations.

The remedy presented in this article can restore up to 97 percent of hearing and it even works in elderly individuals. The recipe calls for simple ingredients that are probably already found in your kitchen cabinet!

Scientists believe that garlic fights hearing loss by increasing blood flow to the cochlea, the sensory organ which is in charge of converting sound into nerve impulses. A healthy cochlea is essential for transferring sound to the brain for conversion. Read on to learn how to use garlic to recover your hearing:


Cotton/ gauze
3 garlic cloves
Olive oil


Peel the garlic cloves, wash them thoroughly, and crush them in order to get as much juice as possible. When done with the extraction, combine the juice with olive oil and transfer the mixture in a dropper.


Pour a few drops of the mixture in the ear and cover with cotton/ gauze. It is recommended to lie down after the application so that the oil penetrates deeply into the ear and do its job more efficiently.


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