21 Insane Facts You Will Hardly Believe Are Actually True

crazy hard to believe facts 1

Below are some interesting facts that will amaze you!

1. Honey never goes off. Not after one year, not after two — never.

2. The Turritopsis Nutricula jellyfish is the only known organism on Earth which is biologically immortal.

3. The heart of a blue whale is so massive that a human being can swim through its arteries.

crazy hard to believe facts 2

4. Yet its throat is no bigger than a saucer.

5. For every person in the world there are around 1.6 million ants. The overall weight of all these ants is equal to the combined weight of the world’s human population.

6. An octopus has three hearts.

7. Originally, Feng shui was the art of choosing an appropriate place for a grave.

8. On Saturn and Jupiter, rain is made from diamonds.

9. And this what the sky would look like if Jupiter was the same distance from the Earth as the Moon.

crazy hard to believe facts 3

10. There are ten times more bacteria in the human body than there are cells.