Guy Looking For Home Gym Equipment On Craigslist Gets More Than He Bargained For

Whether you’re selling something or looking for a specific item, Craigslist can be an extremely helpful tool for making a match. Of course, not everything is always as it seems and you do have to watch out for misrepresented items or creepy people. But this guy is a winner in our book, and you’re about to see why…

fitness equipmentcraigs-list-troll-0fitness equipmentcraigs-list-troll-2craigs-list-troll-3craigs-list-troll-4

craigs-list-troll-5craigs-list-troll-6craigs-list-troll-8craigs-list-troll-9fitness equipment

craigs-list-troll-11fitness equipmentfitness equipment

fitness equipment

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