13 Life Tricks You Need To Know To Make Your Life Easier

The Internet is full of life hacks. No matter how many we see, there always seem to be new ones popping up each day. Unfortunately, our lives aren’t getting any less hectic, so we’re eager to learn ways to make things easier. These 13 clever life hacks will improve the way you live in every part of your house. Get hacking, because before you even have time to try all of these, the Internet will have already come up with a new batch for us.

1. Use a paper towel instead of expensive name-brand cleaning pads.
great life tricks 1

2. Goodbye, stinky sponges.
great life tricks 2

3. An easy dinner for two.
great life tricks 3

4. A two-way mirror won’t have any gap between your finger’s reflection.
great life tricks 4

5. What else would you do with all those ugly crayon colors?
great life tricks 5

6. Your garage just got a lot bigger.
great life tricks 6

7. Cut an old globe in half for a unique centerpiece.
great life tricks 7

8. Combine honey, sweet almond oil, liquid hand soap and vanilla extract for a DIY bubble bath.
great life tricks 8

9. Maximize your closet space with these simple shelves.
great life tricks 9

10. Turn your watermelon into bite-sized chunks with ease.
great life tricks 10

11. You can use parchment paper instead of cupcake liners in a pinch.
great life tricks 11

12. Rubber bands can open the tightest lids.
great life tricks 12

13. Velcro down your rugs so they don’t slide around.
great life tricks 13


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