When Pedestrians And Motorcycles Collide, Here’s What Happens…

Back when you were a kid did you ever ride your bicycle along down a road or trail and imagine how awesome it would be if the bike had a motor? If you were riding a motorcycle? Well if there’s one thing many an experienced rider will tell you is that the fact that a motorcycle and a bike are both on two wheels is where the similarities tend to stop, because they’re two separate things entirely. For example, did you know that when riding a motorcycle you actually want to turn the wheel in the opposite direction from where you’re turning?

Not everyone knows how to ride a motorbike, and the plethora of recorded clips on YouTube can prove that hands down, but this one goes a bit deeper into the rabbit hole than that. What you’re about to see is what happens when things on two wheels with motors and women don’t mix well: meaning, they really screwed up while riding or just didn’t know how to. Either way, the result is a too-hilarious video displaying exactly why there’s classes to teach people how to ride!


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