The Way She Wraps Her Presents May Look Strange, But It’s Truly The Best Idea…

Depending on your attitude, wrapping gifts can either be a chore or a fun activity. Wrapping gifts is a skill that you need all year round.  During the holiday season, however, you really need to ramp it up.  If you don’t know how to wrap gifts, here’s a few tips on how to make this chore fun!   


Christmas expert and gift-wrapping master Amy Goodman shares her special technique on how to wrap odd-shaped gift without having to spend extra money on expensive gift bags. Once you master this trick, you’ll never need to buy gift bags ever again.

Cut your wrapping paper and unroll the paper and place on a flat surface with your gift at the center, bring the seam to the gift’s middle and extend the roll another 3 to 4 inches over the middle of the gift.

With a straight cut, take the paper off the roll with a straight cut and you’ve got the right size to match your odd-shaped gift. Fold the edge of the paper to the middle with a bit of overlap. Tape the seam, along the vertical from top to bottom.

TIP: Double-sided tape makes this wrapping job neater. Keep the width of your gift in mind, then fold the base of the paper up to make it wide enough to hold your item.

Open this base and then starting on one side fold it into a triangle by doing it from the middle. Then you’ll fold the other side to create a diamond shape.

Take the tops and bottoms of the diamond and fold them in the middle. This is how you create the base of your gift bag.

Now open it up, fluff, and stick your item inside. You’ve just created your own gift bag out of wrapping paper!




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