50 Of The Funniest Autocorrects You Will Ever See

We have been victims of the dreaded autocorrect, but nothing quite like this.

yoga1 yoda wtf-tania worst-morning walkingdead titties-holly the-usual-copy therapist-andrew the-penis-sharpener-final teacher1 starwars-1 starwars1 spider-danni so-proud-latoya-copy sloppyhoerecipe-e1387407816945 shutdown santa1 prius potter1 pirate-billy pie-diego penis.skirt_-e1387408138848 peepholes1 oppa meatballs knee juicy jesus-emily jealous-amy hungry gollum-conor1 gluten gibberish1 gator-matt1 fail emojimom ducttape drink demotion-lucy dead-walruses darth.badger-e1387407880527 crazymom-e1387408314151 coming-out-mary chuck burn bored-payton big-hole bigger asshole1 april-showers almost-mariah

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