Floating Seahorse Homes Look Amazing On The Surface, But Wait Til You See What’s Underneath…

Developers have successfully launched the Floating Seahorses development in Dubai which are luxurious villa-like boats that feature a fully submerged level with underwater views of marine life.

Dubai has become a centre of pricey and innovative structures, and a new development is geared to propel that status even further.

Plans are in the works to build a group of luxurious, villa-like boats called Floating Seahorses off the city’s coast by the end of 2016.

All three levels of each one will boast breathtaking vistas of the sea, including the fully submerged bottom floor which will offer unobstructed views of underwater marine life from the main bed and bath.

The middle level contains the kitchen, living area, and sun deck, and the top level features an outside dining area, Jacuzzi, and other amenities.

According to the developer, 35 of the 42 individual houses planned as part of the massive Heart of Europe project have already been sold.

The company also reveals that the name Floating Seahorse was inspired by their plan to build seahorse habitats in the form of artificial coral reefs under the structures.

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