18 Complete and Utter Fashion Fails

Fashion is very open to interpretation – everyone sees things in their own unique point of view and there are many different tastes out there. But one thing is for sure – these people are failing at the concept of fashion and perhaps they need a friend or family member to stage an intervention….and soon!

1.) Shade, shade everywhere but not a smart person around.

2.) Because you’ve always wanted to know what it would feel like to walk on a keyboard.

3.) Maybe the rest of his socks revolted at the idea of working with sandals.

4.) The Rock was a bit of a late bloomer.

5.) This is not a sports bra.

6.) I guess this is one way to get rid of all those bags piling up in your kitchen..

7.) Flower crowns are getting old anyway.

8.) “And I vow to always have my guns out when the sun’s out.”

9.) I’m too afraid he killed this alligator himself to comment.

10.) I’m sure this photo was worth $1000 shoes.

11.) I wonder what her favorite snack is?

12.) No matter how fancy the socks and sandals are, they should never be worn together. Never.

13.) I guess he lost his wallet.

14.) Sir, this is not how you hat.

15.) Actually, I wouldn’t mind having one of these at work.

16.) Why would you want to hide your pedicure in sneakers anyway?

17.) ‘Alien’ was not meant to inspire fashion choices.

18.) Just. Nope.

Source: Viral Nova via Huffington Post

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