Three Scenarios Everyone Experiences When Falling In Love And Why Each Is Important To Enjoy

During our lifetime, we fall in and out of love, break up,  sometimes we may get back together again. Some people enter our lives forever,  while others go away.

Psychologists say that a person can genuinely fall in love three times. Moreover, each experience is important and even necessary.

1. Fairy tale love

falling in love

Our first love usually happens when we are still very young. It feels like something you read about in fairy tales. So we believe that this is it is for life.

We are so elated that we do not pay attention to small problems and often will sacrifice our principles for the sake of our relationship.  Because after all, isn’t that the way it is supposed to be?

The way our relationship looks on the outside is more important than how we feel.

2. Complicated love

falling in love

The second love of our life is the most complicated. We feel confident that we learned our lesson from our previous experience, so we choose an entirely different type of partner.

We think that is what we are doing.  Most likely we are being manipulated, lied to, or even hurt. We try to cling to any opportunity to patch up our relationship.  Now, each attempt turns into an even bigger failure. What happens is we only have occasional moments of happiness and much more drama.

Again, our true feelings get sidetracked for countless attempts to save an ailing relationship.

This love teaches us that it is very important to be loved in return.

3. Mature love

falling in love

We have already given up waiting when our third love appears in our life. It just doesn’t seem to comply with our idea of what true love should be. It does not appear to be perfect, but it is a genuine relationship.  It has a feeling of extraordinary ease and cannot be explained with words.

We no longer have any expectations at this stage in life. We do not want to waste any time thinking up the qualities the love of our life has to possess. We are finally prepared to accept our partner for what they really are, and more important, they feel the same way.

This love teaches us to be real and that a relationship does not need to be perfect.

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