Police Officer Stops This Car But When He Asks The Guy To Get On The Ground, The Unthinkable Happens…

When the police pulled over her boyfriend, a Missouri woman got a proposal she wasn’t expecting. The couple, Austin Urhan and Samantha Watson, were driving to Scott City, Mo. to see relatives when an officer from the Scott County Sherriff’s Office stopped the pair for a traffic violation. When the cop signaled for Urhan to pull over, he acted like he was shocked that he was being pulled over. Watson said in a Facebook post detailing the incident that she was shocked as well because Urhan wasn’t speeding or driving improperly.

The officer asked Urhan to step out of the car and get on his knees.  When Watson turned around to see what was happening, she noticed that Urhan had a ring in his hand and was proposing to her. She was stunned. Watson said that Urhan’s proposal was worth the wait in her Facebook post. “At the age of 18 I was infatuated with you, at the age of 25 I’m still infatuated with you, and now I get to marry you and spend 100+ more years being infatuated with you. They say ‘good things come to those who wait,’ and boy was this good!” Urhan and Watson plan on getting married next year.

The police officer, who was in on the proposal took pictures of the incident and even recorded the proposal on his dashcam. The Scott County Sherrif’s Department shared the video on its Facebook page where it has received more than 3 million views.

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